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Qualigen is a biotechnology company focused on the development and commercialization of novel therapeutic products for the treatment of cancer and infectious diseases, as well as expansion of its flagship FastPack® diagnostic platform. The FastPack® line of FDA-cleared and CE-Marked products has been used successfully in diagnostics since 2002. Our therapeutics pipeline includes cancer drug compounds such as QN-247 and RAS-F, as well as STARS, a DNA/RNA-based treatment device. By combining our demonstrated ability to quickly develop and commercialize innovative medical products with the advanced capabilities of leading cancer research centers, such as the University of Louisville, we are committed to providing exciting new therapeutic technologies to physicians and patients.

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Qualigen Therapeutics, Inc.
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Our stock is traded on the Nasdaq under the symbol QLGN.
Qualigen, Inc. was originally incorporated in Minnesota as a privately held corporation in 1996. Qualigen Therapeutics, Inc. (formerly Ritter Pharmaceuticals, Inc.) was formed as a Nevada limited liability company on March 29, 2004 under the name Ritter Natural Sciences, LLC. In September 2008, the company was converted into a Delaware corporation under the name Ritter Pharmaceuticals, Inc. In May 2020, Ritter Pharmaceuticals, Inc. entered into a reverse merger transaction with Qualigen, Inc. pursuant to which Qualigen, Inc. became a wholly-owned subsidiary of Ritter Pharmaceuticals, Inc. Following the reverse merger transaction, Ritter Pharmaceuticals, Inc. changed its name to Qualigen Therapeutics, Inc
June 29, 2015 as Ritter Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Nasdaq: RTTR). Renamed Qualigen Therapeutics, Inc. on May 22, 2020 (Nasdaq: QLGN).

2042 Corte del Nogal
Suite B
Carlsbad, CA 92011

EQ Shareowner Services
PO Box 64874
St Paul MN 55164
T: 800-468-9716